The bonds joining Nightingale-Bamford alumnae transcend time and geography, with graduates spanning 23 countries, six continents, and more than 80 years. Nightingale supports our network of strong, independent women by providing opportunities for graduates to remain connected to the schoolhouse and each other. Through hosting and supporting a diverse set of events—ranging from Reunion to informal gatherings, lectures, career panels, and performances—we work to connect our vibrant alumnae community in ways that are meaningful to them.

The Nightingale-Bamford School Alumnae Association was formed in 1926 and values the participation of all Nightingale women, whether they attended Nightingale for one year or 13. Its efforts are coordinated by the Office of Institutional Advancement, the Alumnae Board, and the Young Alumnae Committee, and are supported by the hundreds of alumnae who are involved each year.

Alumnae Board

The Alumnae Board, comprised of nominated representatives, manages the affairs of the Alumnae Association and seeks to further the strategic and philosophical interest of the Nightingale-Bamford School. Through strengthening and promoting the loyalty of Nightingale-Bamford alumnae to their school, the Alumnae Board enables graduates to remain engaged with each other and to participate both physically and financially in the life of the school.

Brooke Brodsky Emmerich '91, President
Zoe Settle '00, Vice President
Elizabeth Victory Anderson '88 Secretary
Amie Rappoport McKenna '90, Chair, Alumnae Fund

Paul A. Burke, Ex-officio
Elizabeth Boehmler '94
Elizabeth Riley Fraise '98
Sage Garner '04
Daphra Holder '03
Hillary Johnson '76
Siena Kissel '06, Ex-officio

Amie Rappoport McKenna '90
Elizabeth Friedland Meyer '89
Palmer Jones O'Sullivan '94
Melissa Providence '02
Gaby Santana '06, Ex-officio

Melissa Elting Walker '92

Young Alumnae Committee

The Young Alumnae Committee is comprised of selected graduates from the last ten years, with the mission of bolstering engagement amongst the school’s most recent alumnae. Started in 2010, the committee sponsors social events, coordinates fund-raising efforts, fosters communication through social media, and encourages participation in the schoolhouse through college and career mentorship.

Siena Kissel '06, Co-Chair
Gaby Santana '06, Co-Chair
Sarah Taub '06
Rima Masubuchi '08
Mary Reiser '08
Laura Salibello '07
Nicole Schloss '07
Arden Surdam '06
Sarah Taub '06
Claire Whitman '06
Samantha Wishman '06

Alumnae CLUB

The Alumnae Club serves as a liaison between students and alumnae, keeping former students engaged through outreach ranging from holiday cards to care packages.

Meg Field '14
Sophia Kiam '14
Olivia Sellin '14



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