Independent Study Projects

Students interested in working independently have the option of developing their own projects during the spring term of their senior year.

They submit a detailed proposal stating the topic and scope of their study, their specific objectives and methods of research, and a sample bibliography. Upon approval by a faculty committee, they work on their projects under the guidance of a faculty mentor of their own choice. This project replaces one or two courses, and culminates in a paper and presentation at the end of the academic year.

Some examples of recent project topics include:

  • The History of Breast Cancer Treatment: 1800s–2000s
  • How I Would Be If I Were a Little Different: A Sort-of Memoir
  • The Music of the Future: An Analysis of Leitmotifs in Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen
  • Zip Code Conquest: An Exploration in Web Design and Online Gaming
  • Parcere Subiectis et Debellare Superbos: The Thread of Neo-Classical Choreography
  • Good Vibrations: A Look at Music in Medicine from Antiquity to the Future
  • When a BySTANDer is UPon us: An Exploration of the Bystander Effect and its Impact on Social Justice
  • Exposed: The Process of Writing and Producing an EP
  • Sister, Sister: Epigenetics and Complications Associated with Twin Pregnancies
  • Strangers in Town: A Documentary About Gentrification in Brooklyn
  • Eros in Ancient Greece
  • The Hip Hop Narrator: The Futile Search for Black Women’s Voices
  • No Crumbs Left Behind: How the United States Wastes Food and Why We Need to Get It Back
  • Innocence Lost: A Visceral Performance Exhibit
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