About Nightingale

Nightingale is the place where your daughter can become the best version of herself.

We know the power of one mind and one heart, as well as many minds and many hearts, to effect change: change a person, change a climate, change a prejudice, change the future.

This is the place for meetings of minds, for opposing positions, for academic strength and creative exploration, for well-formed arguments and strong voices.

This is the place that welcomes questioning discoveries and challenging opinions, reveling in the conclusions and contradictions, honoring the extraordinary power of girls and young women.

This is the place where we rise to meet your daughter's heart and mind, where the support from her teachers is surpassed only by the support from her peers, where our commitment is to guiding the limitless energy and originality of her ideas into the fullest realization of her success.

This is Nightingale-Bamford.

Go Beyond Barriers

by the numbers

Current enrollment: 668
Lower School: 232
Middle School: 202
Upper School: 234
Avg class size: 12
Students of color: 31%
Student to faculty ratio: 6:1
Tuition K–XII: $52,750
Aid awarded: $5.4 million
Students receiving aid: 18.6%
Endowment: $69 million (as of 6/30/19)