Academic Calendar

Fall 2019

August 19 
Fall athletics preseason begins (Upper School teams only)

September 3
Class meetings for students in Classes V–XII
Orientation for students new to Classes I–IV

September 4
First Day for Classes I–XII
Orientation for Kindergarten (half of class)

September 5
Orientation for Kindergarten (half of class)

September 6
Kindergarten half days begin

September 16
Kindergarten full days begin

September 30
Rosh Hashanah (closed)

October 9
Yom Kippur (closed)

October 14
Fall Break (closed)

October 15
Professional Development Day (no school for Classes K–XII)

November 26
Regular dismissal for Thanksgiving break

December 2
School resumes after Thanksgiving break

December 20
Noon dismissal for winter vacation


Winter/Spring 2020

January 6
School resumes after winter vacation

January 20
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (closed)

February 17 and 18
Midwinter Break (closed)

March 13
Regular dismissal for spring vacation

March 30
School resumes after spring vacation

April 9
Passover (closed)

April 10
Good Friday (closed)

May 25
Memorial Day (closed)

June 5
Last day for Classes K–VIII

June 11
Last day for Classes IX–XII