Global Goals World Cup Participants Visit Nightingale

On Tuesday morning, Nightingale hosted two women’s soccer teams from amateur football clubs in India and Saudi Arabia who are visiting New York this week to participate in the Global Goals World Cup (GGWCup).

Now in its fourth year, the GGWCup is the first women’s activist football tournament of its kind, created to bring more awareness to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) designed to “transform our world.” Women from all over the world and from a wide variety of professional backgrounds come together to play soccer while advocating for one or more of the 17 SDGs and sharing concrete actions they are taking to make a difference.

The team from India, Forca Goa, is playing for SDG goals 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), 5 (Gender Equality), and 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production). They spoke with athletes in the Upper School about steps they have taken to increase gender equality in their country, like encouraging women to become full-time soccer coaches and making sure there are equal training opportunities for both boys and girls in India. They also addressed SDG 12 and shared their commitment to advocating for the sustainable production of all soccer balls and uniforms.

The team from Saudi Arabia, Team Greens, is playing for SDG goal 15 (Life on Land). They shared their hopes for not just a greener Saudi Arabia, but a greener world. They are particularly focused on plastic use and consumption, which is rampant in their country. They have organized plastic drop-off points for locals to recycle their waste and campaigned at malls, beaches, and neighborhood centers to promote the use of reusable bags or containers. Through all of these actions, they also hope to serve as positive role models for young Saudi girls and encourage them to play sports.

Both teams also met with Class III to share their backgrounds and their goals. Class III even performed soccer drills with members from both teams, emphasizing the importance of working together for a common goal.

Click here for more photos from their visit with Upper School athletes and Class III.

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