It all begins with teaching.

Nightingale provides a liberal arts education adapted for the modern world, a unique combination of the canonical and the contemporary that develops wide-ranging curiosity and learning from Kindergarten through senior year. Across all disciplines, our teachers encourage creativity, independence, and self-reliance, as well as intellectual discipline and the ability to work and play effectively as a group.

Whether she starts in Lower, Middle, or Upper School, every girl at Nightingale comes to be known through every age and stage, every talent and trial. She works with teachers who celebrate that no two girls are alike, teachers who tailor their work to meet her individual needs, teachers who exhibit at the Whitney and are nominated for National Book Awards, teachers who never stop learning. She also comes to know herself and all that she is capable of. We create a place where she can learn to speak her mind and her heart—a place where she can gain the knowledge and insight to have something to say and the confidence and courage to say it.

As a parent, you can only imagine what your daughter will want to do in life. But with a Nightingale education—with an analytical, poetic, searching, and daring mind and heart—she will be ready to become the woman she wants to be.