Finding Your Voice

Every Nightingale girl is encouraged to find her own voice and to use it with confidence.

From the earliest years in Lower School, our students learn to speak boldly and clearly as they develop comfort in presenting to a group. Opportunities abound within the curriculum for girls to hone their public speaking skills through individual and group presentations, in-class debates, and more. A required public speaking class in the junior year allows each student to further develop and sharpen her technique in a more formal setting.

Nightingale’s thriving debate program in the Middle and Upper Schools provides even more opportunities for students to find their unique voice and to learn to speak extemporaneously. Our teams compete with great success on the local, state, and national circuits in a fast-paced, policy-oriented exercise called Public Forum, in which two-person teams debate monthly resolutions on topics of national importance. This challenging format exposes our students to the world outside Nightingale’s blue doors and teaches them the skills they will need to navigate it.