Health and Wellness

Relationships are at the core of Nightingale's health and wellness program.

We guide students toward cultivating meaningful and healthy relationships with others as well as developing and maintaining a positive relationship with oneself.
Empowering students with the skills, information, and resources necessary to make health-enhancing decisions is our top priority. An integral part of this is providing students with important tools and techniques for achieving balance that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Health and Wellness at a Glance

  • Focuses on physical, social, and mental/emotional wellness
  • Data-driven
  • Skills-based approach emphasizes four essential skills: communication, decision-making, media literacy, and values identification
  • Designated health courses for students in Classes I–XII
  • Developmentally appropriate content in areas of intra/interpersonal relationships, sex/sexuality, mental health, substance use education, safety, nutrition, environmental health, exercise, gender, stress, advocacy, current issues, and more
  • Integrated into school life through other disciplines and advising program
  • Partnerships with families through parent coffees and evenings on relevant health and wellness issues

Robyn Jaffe

Director of Health and Wellness
(212) 933-6516

Jennifer McFeely

Director of Counseling
(212) 537-5649

Rachael Lewiton

Middle School Counselor
(212) 933-6577

Lisa Levine

School Nurse
(212) 933-6546