The department of counseling offers support through individual conversations with girls, conversations with teachers, coaches, administrators, and with families. As girls journey through the many stages of development, we want to be available to respond to their specific needs, listen to their concerns, and provide them with the tools they need for healthy decision-making and a healthy mind and body. 

Students, parents, and all community members are welcome to contact us with any and all concerns. Among the reasons for seeking us out are managing stress, managing academics, challenges with friendships, pressures (both academic and social), difficulty concentrating, concerns about friends, difficult family circumstances, and the full range of mental health concerns. We are here to help. No problem is too small.   

Robyn Jaffe

Director of Health and Wellness
(212) 933-6516

Jennifer McFeely

Director of Counseling
(212) 537-5649

Rachael Lewiton

Middle School Counselor
(212) 933-6577

Lisa Levine

School Nurse
(212) 933-6546