Werner Feig Holocaust Memorial Lecture

Werner Feig was a beloved history teacher who taught at Nightingale from 1991 until his death in 1997. He is remembered as a gifted educator who had a passion for history, a devotion to his students, and an irreverent sense of humor. The Werner Feig Holocaust Memorial Lecture, held each year, honors the legacy he left within the Nightingale community.

Mr. Feig was born in 1932 in Breslau, Germany. As a young child, he moved to Hongkew, a Jewish ghetto of Shanghai, China, to escape the Holocaust. He later came to the United States and settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he attended high school and college. He received an M.A.T. from Harvard University in 1959 and an M.A. in political science from the University of Chicago in 1965. He came to Nightingale after a distinguished teaching career at Scarsdale High School, and the impact of his inspiring life and teaching can still be felt today.

Past Feig Lecturers

2019: Roz Jacobs and Laurie Weisman
2018: Hanna Wechsler
2017: Michael Bornstein and Debbie Bornstein Holinstat
2016: Murry Sidlin
2015: Jack Mayer
2014: Hannah Slome
2013: Henry Orenstein
2012: Dr. Ruth Gruber
2011: Dr. Ruth Westheimer
2010: Kati Marton
2009: Dr. Sol Messinger
2008: Robert O. Paxton
2007: Artemis Joukowsky III
2006: Allan Bikk
2005: Mira Ryczke Kimmelman
2004: Vanessa Shaw
2003: Aviva Slesin
2002: Ruth Keller
2001: Barry Edelstein
2000: Dr. Ruth Gruber