Joan Stitt McMenamin Memorial Lecture

About Joan Stitt McMenamin

Joan Stitt McMenamin was the fifth headmistress of the Nightingale-Bamford School. This annual lecture honors her passion for history and, in particular, American politics and government.

Past McMenamin Lecturers

2018–2019: Sarah Leavitt
2017–2018: James Goodman
2016–2017: Rashauna Johnson
2015–2016: Eric Foner
2014–2015: Rashauna Johnson
2013–2014: Harold Holzer
2012–2013: Stephanie McCurry
2011–2012: Alan M. Kraut
2010–2011: Annette Gordon-Reed
2009–2010: Harold Holzer
2008–2009: Richard Haass
2007–2008: Lisa Sharkey