Middle School

During the Middle School years, students consolidate their skills as they delve more deeply into increasingly complex subject matter.

Working together in small, structured classes, our girls are taught how to listen, organize themselves, and produce independent research projects. We ask students to look beyond pre-packaged essay structures. We give them the freedom for more authentic probing in their writing. The academic offerings are complemented by a rich array of offerings in art, drama, dance, and music, with a focus on creativity and self-expression.

When we talk about educating the heart and mind in the Middle School, we are expressing our belief that girls cannot learn effectively without attention to both their academic and social-emotional needs.

Middle School students gain independence and learn how to engage each other and collaborate effectively. Regular meetings of small, faculty-led advisory groups aim to encourage leadership, foster friendships, and provide a sense of community for each girl as she adjusts to an increasingly demanding program and develops her own ethical standards. Middle School clubs and athletic teams offer leadership opportunities, as well as an outlet for individual interests and talents.