Costa Rica Field Studies

In the Middle School, talented, dedicated, and adventurous science students are invited to apply to participate in the Costa Rica Field Studies program. This program runs every other year and includes students in Classes VII and VIII (students in Classes VI and VII apply the year prior to participating in the program). Students accepted to the Costa Rica Field Studies program attend a series of cross-curricular classes to learn about Costa Rica from many perspectives; research resident plant and animal species, as well as features of prominent volcanoes in the region; and travel to Costa Rica to explore the tropical rainforest for a week during the spring vacation.

The Costa Rica Field Studies program will next run in the 2019–2020 academic year. Criteria for selection include the student’s application, maturity, interest in science, and past academic performance. Participation in the Costa Rica Field Studies program is an honor as well as a commitment. Selected students will be asked to prepare for the trip by reading provided materials about their destination, researching biodiversity, local geology, ecology, genetics, and culture, and presenting their research findings to the group. They will also meet regularly during Clubs or Enrichment period during the year to attend lectures on various topics, conduct research, and discuss details of the trip.

Final travel to Costa Rica is scheduled for the first week of spring break 2020 from Friday, March 13, through Friday, March 20, 2020.