Upper School

You'll often hear Upper School students say that their Nightingale education makes them both well-rounded and focused.

That's because each girl develops a solid foundation in English, mathematics, history, science, and at least one modern language. At the same time, she intensely pursues her own paths of study through a range of electives, from Shakespeare’s Tragedies to Advanced Statistics; from Astronomy to Life Drawing; from Modern Theater in America to Economics Now; from Latin Lyric to Advanced Art History; from Public Health to Painting; from Performance Workshop to Science Seminar.

With a premium placed on study in depth, our curriculum is rooted in the belief that a good liberal arts education adapted to the modern world is the best preparation for college and a lifetime of learning. All this preparation and practice means that when Nightingale girls go to college, they are consistently the leaders in class discussions and the strongest writers. No matter what field they pursue, from media to medicine to academia, they are the ones who have the ability to express their ideas dynamically in person and in writing.

A Nightingale girl can quote "The Aeneid" by heart—in English and in Latin—and easily slip physics and American history references into everyday conversation. We conduct scientific research, act as curators at the National Gallery, and still rollerblade into the faculty volleyball game waving blue pom-poms.

Nightingale's extensive extracurricular programs include athletics, music, and the arts, and a variety of community service and social activities undertaken with other New York schools and institutions. Through their participation, students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and share their interests with each other and the community at large. Throughout it all, the strength of Nightingale's individualized faculty advising program ensures that students receive regular support and guidance from an involved and caring faculty who know them well.