Login Instructions

The instructions below are intended to guide you through the process of setting a password for the new Alumnae Portal. If you have any questions after following these instructions, please contact alumnae@nightingale.org.

When you click on the portal link, you will be greeted by the following screen:

Click on “Forgot login or First time Logging in?" at the bottom right, which will bring up the following "Login Help" screen:

Enter the e-mail address that Nightingale has as your primary e-mail address. This should be the email address noted in the instruction email you received. Check the boxes next to "Username" and "Password." Finally, click "Send." 

If you are unsure of your email address or would like to change it, please contact alumnae@nightingale.org. The Office of Alumnae Relations will confirm this update in 1-2 business days.

You will receive two e-mails from the address "nightingale@myschoolapp.com" One will have the subject "Password Request URL" and the other "Username Request" (see below).

Please make note of the username contained within the Username Request e-mail as you will be prompted to enter it in later at login. Your username is also noted in the instruction email you received. The Password Request URL e-mail will provide you a link to reset your password. Click on that link to access the screen where you can set your new password, as shown below:

Once you click the "Set Password" button, your password will be reset and you will be redirected to the new Alumnae Portal homepage.

Click here to return to the main Alumnae Portal Information page.