Nightingale's dance program promotes movement as an expressive medium to communicate emotion, convey meaning, and expand cultural values.

In addition to teaching our students the fundamentals of dance, Nightingale’s dance curriculum fosters critical thinking, facilitates the acquisition of lifelong learning skills, and prepares students to function effectively in the dance community. The organic scope of sequence in the K–XII dance curriculum allows each girl to grow as she progresses through the dance program.

Our location in New York City, arguably the most influential and flourishing place for dance in the world, complements Nightingale's dance program. Our dance faculty draw on their extensive professional experiences and connections, as well as the extended Nightingale community, to provide different opportunities for Nightingale girls to see dance and become educated in watching dance. By taking students to see dance, we enable them to explore that dance and their relationship to it. By bringing guest performers and lecturers into the schoolhouse, we open the world of dance to the entire Nightingale-Bamford community, building a universal understanding and appreciation of the work our students do in dance.

In the Upper School, all Class X girls take Introduction to Dance History, a trimester-long course that looks at dance from an historical perspective, allowing them to gain a sense of the development of dance styles throughout history. Students may also choose to take a project-based elective from a rotating list of courses, such as Dance On Camera, Dance in Unexpected Places, and Dance and Politics.

Middle and Upper School girls have the opportunity to pursue their love of dance more deeply by participating in the Middle School Dance Collective or Nightingale Dance Collective, which teach contemporary dance techniques and provide opportunities for both choreography and performance.