Nightingale's music program develops each student’s inherent musical ability through singing, performing, and playing musical instruments.

In teaching music, the aim is to balance the academic and technical with the aesthetic and emotional—the discipline with the joy. Each music class explores the world of music through active learning experiences incorporating musical elements such as melody, rhythm, harmony, form, and timbre. Further development of singing and listening skills is emphasized in every class, and the mastery of music reading and theory skills are part of the curriculum in each grade. Students also learn teamwork, self-discipline, and artistic expression—experiences that foster self-growth and enhance their entire lives. 

 Whether through frequent performance opportunities around the city or by working with our composers-in-residence to write new pieces, students don't just study music—they make it. Building on an exuberant foundation in the Lower School, students in Middle School personalize their study of music by continuing to study the core music curriculum and choosing to follow one of three tracks available to them: composition, guitar, or strings. Through this system, each girl can specialize in a musical instrument or skill while literacy concepts that are essential to a robust and well-rounded music education.

As they progress through Middle and Upper School, students have the opportunity to participate in a number of different ensembles and musical groups, from Upper School Chorus, Chamber Chorus,  Gospel Girls, and Bassless Accusations (our student-run a cappella group) to drumming ensemble, guitar ensemble, and orchestra. Throughout their Nightingale experience, our girls work and perform with faculty who are not only passionate teachers but accomplished working musicians.