Coaches and Staff

Winter 2018–2019

Varsity Basketball

Aleks Radovich
Eric Almonte
LaCandice Sanders

JV Basketball

Mandy Cecil
Molly Grew
Nikki Vivion

VII/VIII Basketball

Andrei Lloyd
Eileen Saguirer
Wesley Pratt

V/VI Basketball

Michael John
Lisa Reda

Varsity Indoor Track

Steve Mucchetti 
Sid Howard
Yusuf Jeffers

MS Winter Track Club

Asteria Howard
Garvey Moore
Hallie Nicoll

Varsity Squash

Dana Betts

Varsity Swimming

Brendan Fee
Maggie Ward

VII/VIII Swimming

Brendan Fee
Jose Carrasco Soto

V/VI Swimming

Heather Beveridge
Pam Charles

Athletic Trainer

Chloe Grimes


Athletics Hotline

For game day location information and updates, call the athletics department hotline at 212-933-6720. The hotline is updated daily with the athletics schedule and provides information on any game location changes or cancellations.