Coaches and Staff

Spring 2019

Varsity Badminton

Xun Wang
Chimé Wangdu

Varsity Lacrosse

Molly Grew
Eddie Montenegro

VII/VIII Lacrosse

RJ Sonbeek
Brendan Fee

Varsity Softball

Lisa Campbell
Eileen Saguirer

VII/VIII Softball

Michelle Cocchiaro
Jah-Leah Ellis

V/VI Softball

Jeanne Finnigan-John
Claire Lulow
Andrei Lloyd

Varsity Tennis

Aila Main
Lauren Reid

Varsity Track and Field

Yusuf Jeffers
Sid Howard
LaCandice Sanders

VII/VIII Track and Field

Eric Almonte
Simone Cooper
Hallie Nicoll

V/VI Track and Field

Asteria Howard
Rosanne Quinn
Neiko Hicks

Athletic Trainer

Chloe Grimes


Athletics Hotline

For game day location information and updates, call the athletics department hotline at 212-933-6720. The hotline is updated daily with the athletics schedule and provides information on any game location changes or cancellations.