Nightingale Fund in Action

February 2020

FEBRUARY 2020 • Volume 1, Issue 2

Teaching and Learning for Nightingale's Second Century

How does the Nightingale Fund impact the Nightingale experience? The answer is simple; in every way.

Lower School - Class III Goes Global

Your support of the Nightingale Fund helps our students empathetically and critically learn to look at current events and history through multiple lenses. From funding field trips to the United Nations to paying for raw materials for community service projects, your generosity inspires our youngest students to be part of the bigger solution.

Middle School - Debate Promotes Listening and Resilience

The Nightingale Find supports cornerstone academic programs such as Middle School Debate in a variety of ways. From registration fees to judge stipends and faculty compensation, we couldn't run this program without the support of our generous donors.

Upper School - Class X Design

The Nightingale Fund provides resources and tools that transform our curriculum offerings. The Makerspace is one example of this in action, as students lean on creation as a form of learning.

Faculty Feature: Maggie Tobin / Class VIII has dinner with students from around the world 

The Nightingale Fund supports a multitude of professional development opportunities available to all educators behind the Blue Doors. Through the experience of expanding upon their own learning, our dedicated faculty come back to the classroom refreshed and inspired to share new ideas with their students.

Alumna Feature: Dani Lauder '12

Dani Lauder ’12 calls her 13 years at Nightingale some of the best of her life! As a student, Dani was involved in a variety of extracurricular activities, including many theater productions. She also took on many leadership roles, serving as Co-Captain of Varsity Dance and Head of the Arts Board. She graduated from Northwestern University in 2016 with a degree in Radio, Film, and Television and a double minor in Theater and Gender Studies. Today, she is a dedicated ambassador to the Estée Lauder brand with whom she launched her first makeup collection, ACT IV, in January 2020. Dani resides in Los Angeles and works in product development and content creation at Smashbox Cosmetics & Studios. 

How did Nightingale inspire you to go beyond barriers? 

Going to an all-girls school gave me a unique perspective and confidence in my place in the world. Nightingale is where I learned the value of my voice. Teachers and administrators challenged us to work our hardest and taught us to respect each other as community members. They also inspired and encouraged us to speak our minds in the most effective and articulate way.

What tools did Nightingale provide that you continue to use in your everyday life?

I truly appreciate the importance Nightingale instilled in me of being well spoken–the ability to share ideas or opinions confidently and articulately. Teachers always encouraged thoughtful debate, and now, I never think twice about voicing my opinions in both my professional and personal life. While Nightingale was academically rigorous, it was also some of the most fun years of my entire life. Our community was very cohesive and supportive, which allowed us to thrive academically and extracurricularly, and also encouraged us to be silly, to play, to create, and to laugh. Finding that balance of working hard while leaning on the support of the brilliant, talented, and hilarious women around me is a value I will always cherish.

In what ways do you remain connected to Nightingale today?

A huge moment of pride for me was contributing a family gift to Nightingale–building a Black Box theater space for students to be able to collaborate and learn in a creative, safe space. Construction was completed after I graduated, so seeing the space come to life has been very special to me. I enjoy going back to Nightingale and seeing it in action, and it is amazing to hear of all the different ways it is used and enjoyed by today’s students. I remain close to my Nightingale friends today, and it is important to me that I also remain connected to the schoolhouse. I consider Nightingale to be my anchor as it is the place I grew up for 13 years! 

To me, Nightingale is: learning, laughing, and leading.