Nightingale Fund in Action

November 2019

NOVEMBER 2019 • Volume 1, Issue 1

Class II Kicks Off Year Long Study of New York City

All Lower School students have the opportunity to take part in an exciting, year-long history and geography curriculum exploring New York City. Field trips and visits to community organizations and historical sites are an integral part of the curriculum, and are made possible through the generous support of the Nightingale Fund.

Middle School Students Learn About Community Through Sweet Readers

Your gift to the Nightingale Fund supports all the ways in which our students participate in meaningful programs that inspire them to enact change in their communities. Opportunities like Sweet Readers foster compassion, empathy, and respect all while instilling a lifelong commitment to service.

Peer leaders: Relationship Building Across Divisions

The Nightingale Fund supports our highly skilled faculty members, providing access to workshops and specialized training that enhances the needs of the Peer Leader Group Program. Thanks to your generosity, student leaders have the skills and flexibility to form lifelong meaningful relationships across grade levels.

Student Feature: Aisling Kennedy ’21 / Round Square Trip to India 

Your gift to the Nightingale Fund supports our commitment to global and cultural competency. The classroom transcends the blue doors, and your support provides countless opportunities that enable our students to follow their curiosity and question circumstances beyond our walls. Through this, they become empowered leaders, critical thinkers and agents of their own lives.

Alumna Feature: Sheila Mungia '94 

Sheila entered the blue doors in 1988 as a Class VII student and member of Prep for Prep. She recalls then Head of School, Ms. McMenamin, shaking her hand of her very first day, a warm tradition that continues today. Sheila was involved in a variety of activities and leadership roles, from a member of CAFE and the swim team to serving as House President and a Peer Group Leader. Sheila was also selected as a student tour guide which she credits as the beginning of her Public Relations career!

Sheila is a graduate of Syracuse University where she majored in Anthropology. She currently works in Public Relations as the Acting Vice President at CRC. 

How did Nightingale inspire you to go beyond barriers? 

Without realizing it, Nightingale naturally molded me into a feminist. Being in an all-female environment empowered me to express my opinion and not feel small in challenging environments both personally and professionally.

What tools did Nightingale provide that you continue to use in your everyday life?

The emphasis on reading and writing at Nightingale greatly benefited my career. As a publicist, I write and present for a living. Having a strong grasp of language, how to articulate myself on paper as well as verbally, has provided me with a tremendous advantage throughout the years. Every time I see shabby, incomplete writing I think of Lois Wein! As a publicist I am also obsessed with the news cycle, I think that started for me at Nightingale when we began to examine current events more critically.

In what ways do you remain connected to Nightingale today?

I have been participating in events geared at students of colors and recently also parents of color. Regardless of how you enter a private school environment as a person of color you are in the minority. It adds another element to navigate, in what is already a challenging time for most students. Nightingale is being more proactive about encouraging candid dialogue, something I appreciate and think is tremendously valuable. So, that has pulled me back into the school community.

To me, Nightingale is: always encouraging students to strive for excellence.