Full In-Person Learning Resumes

May 5, 2021

In a school year featuring many “firsts”, April brought with it a most welcomed and highly anticipated “first”: the return of daily in-person learning for every grade—from Kindergarten to Class XII. The opportunity was the result of significant planning, inventive space transformations, and the heroic efforts of our dedicated faculty.

Nightingale has consistently prioritized in-person learning, and the objective has always been to maximize the number of students in the Schoolhouse without compromising safety. The transition this spring follows that standard. Giving the Class of 2021 a chance to conclude their time at Nightingale with more time in our Schoolhouse allows the community to celebrate them and their many accomplishments. The same holds true for Class VIII and their completion of Middle School. Given that there continue to be valid reasons why families enroll students in the Hawk@Home program, Nightingale continues to support each Hawk@Home for the balance of the year.

“I was really excited to hear that all grades would be allowed to come to school full time for the last month of classes, not only to be able spend more time with my grade but also to see the Freshman who we missed so much this year,” said Julia ’21. “As a Peer Leader, it was especially exciting to  meet my Freshman Peer Group in person. Seeing students in all grades pass through the hallways has also provided a comforting semblance of normalcy for our last few weeks in the Schoolhouse.”

We also salute the Class of 2027 (and their teachers!) for their flexibility and adventurous spirit, as they complete their final weeks as Class VI students at the 92Y. Led by their fearless dean, Ms. Davis, our Class VI students now occupy five classrooms over on Lexington Avenue, which is an essential part of what has allowed us to institute daily in-person learning for every grade. 

Nightingale families, along with faculty and staff, began this journey together in March 2020 as one of the first institutions to pivot to remote learning. The school community entered a second phase in the fall when Nightingale was one of the few schools to open on-time with in-person instruction. A third phase began this past winter, incorporating weekly testing as an added protection due to the rise of COVID-19 cases in New York City and beyond. The spring brought with it the fourth phase, accommodating in-person learning for every K-XII student because Nightingale was able to identify a plan to do it safely. The school remains incredibly grateful to its families, its faculty, and its students for their partnership and commitment every step of the way.