Nightingale's afterschool program offers 15 to 20 workshops each trimester to students in Lower School and—new this year—Class V (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only). Led by both Nightingale faculty and outside experts, activity choices have included ice skating, drama, swimming, cooking, knitting, dance, horseback riding, photography, tennis, and outdoor recreation. Both active and quiet workshops are available each day.

If you have any questions about Hobbyhorse, please e-mail hobbyhorse@nightingale.org.


Monday Workshops

Batoto Yetu: Central African Dance (K–V)
Creative Art Start: Zero Gravity Space        Adventures (III–V)
Spanish (K–II)
Spring Arrivals (K–IV)
Ron Prosper Tennis (K–IV)

Tuesday Workshops

Creative Cooks (K–IV)
Make + Wonder: A Creative Art Studio Experience (K–II)
Motumbazé Capoeira (K–IV)
Songwriting Workshop (III–IV)

Wednesday Workshops

Drama Zone: Anastasia! Musical Theater (K–II)
Kids in Sports: Soccer (K–IV)
Mohr's Explorers: Central Park Adventure (K–IV)
Top Level Chess (K–IV)

Thursday Workshops

American Sign Language (II–IV)
Coding (III–IV)
Creative Art Start: Heroines United (K–II)
Curated Care: Broadway Dance (K–IV)
Kids in Sports: Lacrosse (K–IV)

Friday Workshops

Top Level Chess (K–IV)
Painting the Wonders of the World (K–IV)