Hobbyhorse General Information

The Nightingale-Bamford School presents Hobbyhorse, a series of afterschool workshops for children in Classes K–IV (certain workshops on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are also open to Class V). Led by both Nightingale faculty and outside experts, activity choices may include ice skating, drama, swimming, cooking, knitting, dance, photography, tennis, and outdoor recreation. Both active and quiet workshops are available each day. 

Après Hobbyhorse, an additional hour Monday through Thursday, is available for an additional charge. If you are interested in Friday Après Hobbyhorse, please contact Claire Anderson and Marica Mayuzumi at hobbyhorse@nightingale.org. Children who stay for Après Hobbyhorse have the opportunity to do homework, participate in quiet games, listen to a story, or work on a computer.

Hours of Operation

Hobbyhorse offers three sessions per year—fall, winter, and spring—and activity offerings change seasonally. Information on each upcoming session will be posted on Nightingale’s website a few weeks in advance of that session.

Classes: Monday–Friday 3:15–5:00 p.m.
Après Hobbyhorse: Monday–Thursday 5:00–6:00 p.m.

Students must be picked up on time and cannot be left at the school unattended. If a student is not picked up on time, a fee of $35 will be imposed for each occurrence. 

Parent/Guardian Sign-Out

Only authorized persons indicated on the registration form below will be allowed to pick up a student from Hobbyhorse. Absolutely no exceptions will be made to this policy.

Any changes to a dismissal plan for a particular day must be e-mailed to hobbyhorse@nightingale.org by 3:00 p.m. that day.


Please note that all charges for the Hobbyhorse program will be added to your account in Smart Tuition and should be paid directly to Smart.  Payments should not be sent to the school.  Families who receive financial aid for tuition will be given proportionate financial assistance for Hobbyhorse as well.  

Please note that by enrolling in the program, you are reserving the time, space, staffing, and provisions for your student. Therefore, we will not be able to issue refunds after the first class. If you register your student for a class after it has begun, you will be billed on a prorated basis.

Financial Assistance

Within its available resources, Nightingale will provide access to the Hobbyhorse program regardless of a family’s ability to pay. Financial aid is awarded to those who demonstrate their inability to pay the full fee.

To obtain information about financial assistance, please contact the business office at (212) 933-6564.

Health and Safety

On-site activities: Students are in the care of the activity provider during class. Please note that not all Hobbyhorse activities are taught by a Nightingale faculty or staff member, but there will always be a Nightingale staff member on site in the schoolhouse in case of an emergency.

Travel to off-site activities: Students enrolled in Hobbyhorse classes that occur away from the schoolhouse may use a variety of methods to get to those classes. By registering for these outside activities, you agree to allow your student to travel to the location by the method prescribed by the vendor providing the class. If you do not want your child to be transported without a Nightingale chaperone, you accept that they will not be able to participate in certain activities. Please review the program specifics closely before signing your student up, as refunds are not issued after the first class.

Medical Information: The Hobbyhorse staff will work with Nightingale’s nurse to provide medical information to all Hobbyhorse teachers and will supply first-aid kits and emergency medication as dictated by the 911 forms.

Reminder: Snacks brought from home are prohibited during Hobbyhorse and Après Hobbyhorse.   

Code of Conduct

  • Provide a safe and engaging environment.
  • Show courtesy and care equally to all students.
  • Provide a diverse set of activities and opportunities for all students.
  • Communicate expectations about the program to the students and families.
  • Communicate any change to an activity as soon as possible to both students and families.
  • Send the student prepared to fully participate in Hobbyhorse.
  • Contact the Hobbyhorse co-directors about any questions or concerns.
  • Come prepared and willing to participate in Hobbyhorse activities.
  • Be kind and courteous to teachers and fellow students.

Hobbyhorse strives to provide an environment where all students have an equal opportunity for fun and learning. This can only be achieved when all students adhere to the Hobbyhorse guidelines.