This is Nightingale.

At Nightingale, a girl can be whoever she wants to be.

As Nightingale enters its second century, we invite you to walk through our history and learn about our values. Together, as we build a more inclusive Nightingale for our second century, we are committed to a more equitable community where all students are celebrated and valued.

An Equitable and Inclusive Community

Nightingale has renewed and strengthened our commitment to fostering a supportive, anti-racist community where all students are celebrated and respected. We are dedicated to building the policies, procedures, and protocols that will support our lifelong dedication to ensuring all students feel welcomed and empowered to succeed. We are unwavering in our commitment to co-creating a more inclusive and equitable second century.

Limitless Learning

A Nightingale education begins a remarkable journey as students’ lives become filled with genuine relationships, a supportive community, and a unique sense of belonging. From Lower School, where students learn to think independently, to the self-discovery of Middle School, to the global citizenry of Upper School, we seek to educate both mind and heart.

Tour the Schoolhouse

Tour Nightingale’s state-of-the-art Schoolhouse where students of all ages learn under one roof. From laboratories to lounges, sunlit terraces to photography darkrooms, and performance spaces to the makerspace, every room on every floor of our Schoolhouse is intentionally designed to kindle the flames of imagination and lifelong learning in our students.


Within our blue doors, you will find a diverse and inclusive learning community. Every student, whenever she arrives at Nightingale, will have numerous opportunities to find her voice, supported by her community of peers, staff, faculty, and administration. We look forward to learning about your family and helping you understand the limitless possibilities of a Nightingale education.