Instilling a Love of Reading and Learning

Nightingale students are encouraged to be readers and information seekers, and our two libraries support the development of literacy and research skills from K-XII. The Lower School library inspires imagination and wonder, instilling students with a love of reading and passion for inquiry. By Middle School, students learn how to access, synthesize, and present findings, and locate credible sources. Upper School students complete complex research projects and utilize technology to access resources throughout New York City. Our collection and curriculum celebrate diversity, cultural awareness, and global citizenship. The library program inspires and nurtures intellectual curiosity, deep and critical thinking, and the joy of learning.

Lower School

Foundations for Joyful Reading and Research

The Lower School library inspires students to discover the joy of reading and research. Designed with our youngest learners in mind, the library space offers cozy nooks for reading on one’s own as well as bright, open spaces for teaching and collaboration. In the library, students experience and create stories through text, song, art, and creative play. The library program bolsters the curriculum while encouraging individual reading interests and teaching students how to gather and present information using a range of technology. Librarians collaborate across subjects to design and support research projects, engaging learners in the inquiry process throughout the Lower School experience. In Kindergarten, Class I, and Class II, students visit the library for class during the eight-day cycle, while Class III and Class IV students visit on a flexible schedule. All students have daily opportunities to stop by the library and choose new books to enjoy with the support of librarians who are deeply invested in each student’s personal interests and reading goals.

Librarians who are deeply invested in each student’s personal interests and reading goals.

Middle School

Building Community Through Literature and Research

The original Schoolhouse windows flood the Middle and Upper School library with light and provide a special place to work that recalls Nightingale’s 100-year history while providing a place to experiment with cutting-edge research tools. Middle School students transition to a new library with a focus on research and information literacy skills while supporting and promoting a love of reading. Through research projects, students are challenged to question the authority and authenticity of their sources. Our students are taught to be analytical and critical thinkers, as well as compassionate, empathic citizens of the world. Librarians work with students to strengthen their research skills and support them with access and evaluation of our print and digital resources. Class V students have library class for one semester, while librarians collaborate with classroom teachers and students in all grades throughout the year to support their reading and research needs.

Students are challenged to question the authority and authenticity of their sources.

Upper School

Skills for Life: Authentic Inquiry and Academic Integrity

The Upper School library program cultivates creative and critical thinkers through authentic inquiry in scholarly and everyday research. A rich array of print and digital resources is available for both in-school and remote learning. Librarians partner with classroom teachers to design collaborative projects that integrate information literacy skills with content area curriculum. Whether in the classroom, the library, or at home, library resources and instruction are embedded throughout the Nightingale student experience, while adhering to the highest standards of academic integrity. The library perfectly blends and honors history and innovation with its ample shelves of books, communal tables, study carrels, and small group instruction rooms, in conjunction with its well-curated, comprehensive digital collection. Partnerships with other New York cultural institutions give Nightingale students access to state-of-the-art resources, reaching well beyond the Schoolhouse doors. Throughout all divisions, nurturing a love of reading while honoring individual reading styles and choices is the heart of the library program.

A rich array of print and digital resources are available for both in-school and remote learning.