College Counseling & Internships

Preparing graduates to fly

Each year, Nightingale students are accepted into the most selective colleges and universities in the U.S. and around the world. The process begins with course selection in Class X. In Class XI, each student receives supportive and personalized one-on-one college counseling that continues in Class XII. An internship program in Class XI provides invaluable experience in resume and cover letter writing, which leads to internships in media, business, the arts, or research laboratories.


Middle School: Establishing trust

Every Middle School student meets at least twice per week with an advisor, either one-on-one or in a small group setting. The advisory program fosters open communication both formally, through a specific social-emotional curriculum, and informally, as students need. Students learn to advocate for themselves, engage responsibly with social media and technology, and develop healthy relationships.

The advisory program fosters open communication, both formally and informally.

Upper School: Building a one-on-one rapport

Upper School students receive one-on-one advising beginning in Class X. This ensures that every student is known and supported long before college counseling formally begins in Class XI. Relationships with advisors and other trusted adults in the Schoolhouse are critical to students’ personal growth and provide the springboard to the college counseling process.

Relationships with advisors are critical to students’ personal growth.

College Counseling

Finding the right college fit

College counseling begins with course selection in the Upper School and includes standardized test preparation. In Class XI, students and their families work with an advisor to develop a list of schools that reflects each student’s interests and priorities. Students meet one-on-one and in small groups with counselors during junior and senior years to review the application process, research colleges, practice essay writing and interviewing, and develop strong decision-making skills.

Students and families work to develop a list of schools that reflects each student’s interests and priorities.


Building a resume through internships

Nightingale’s internship program gives juniors real-world experience from a safe launching pad. Advisors work with students to build their resume, write cover letters, and conduct mock interviews. Students are able to explore careers at a variety of media outlets, cultural institutions, respected laboratories, and non-profit organizations throughout New York City and even abroad, and that work experience helps them stand out on college applications. Many of these jobs are hosted by Nightingale parents and alumnae, with whom students can form beneficial relationships.

Nightingale’s internship program gives juniors real-world experience.

Where our students have interned:

  • Amali, Calissa, and related restaurants
  • BlackRock
  • The Confab Podcast
  • Coplan Hurowitz Art Advisory
  • Empire Global Ventures
  • Francesca Harper Project
  • Gagosian Gallery
  • Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Jacobi Medical Center
  • The Katzen Team at Douglas Elliman
  • Kristin Simmons Art
  • Levien & Company
  • Luxemark Interiors
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Private Ob/Gyn practice
  • Shoshanna
  • Silicon Alley Media

College Matriculation

College Matriculation 2016–2020

The list of colleges our graduates attend reflects the broad range of individual passions and interests of Nightingale students.

Alfred University
Amherst College (6)
Babson College
Bard College
Barnard College (2)
Baruch College of the CUNY
Bates College
Boston College
Bowdoin College (3)
Brandeis University
Brown University (5)
Bucknell University (2)
University of California-Berkeley
Carleton College (3)
Carnegie Mellon University (2)
University of Chicago (11)
Claremont McKenna College (2)
Clark University
Clemson University
Colby College (2)
Colgate University (5)
Colorado College
Columbia University (3)
Cornell University (6)
CUNY-Macaulay Honors College
Dartmouth College (3)
Drew University
Duke University (5)
Elon University
Emory University (4)
Fordham University
The George Washington University (2)
Georgetown University (8)
Gettysburg College (2)
Hamilton College - NY (3)
Hampshire College (2)
Harvard College (8)
Haverford College
Howard University (2)
Hunter College of the CUNY
Indiana University at Bloomington (3)
Johns Hopkins University (2)
Kenyon College
King's College London
Lafayette College (3)
Lehigh University (2)
University of Miami (4)
University of Michigan
Middlebury College (4)
Muhlenberg College
New York University (6)
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Northeastern University (2)
Northwestern University
Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences (4)
Occidental College (2)
Pennsylvania State University - Harrisburg
University of Pennsylvania (10)
Princeton University (6)
Queen's University
Radford University
Reed College
University of Richmond
Rochester Institute of Technology
Royal Holloway, University of London
Sarah Lawrence College
Skidmore College (2)
University of Southern California (4)
Southern Methodist University (2)
St. John's University (2)
Stanford University
SUNY Albany
SUNY Alfred State College
Swarthmore College
Syracuse University (2)
Tufts University (2)
Tulane University
University at Buffalo (SUNY) (3)
The University of Edinburgh
Vassar College
University of Vermont
University of Virginia (3)
Wake Forest University (3)
Washington and Lee University
Washington University in St. Louis (7)
Wesleyan University (3)
Wheaton College - MA
College of William & Mary
Williams College
University of Wisconsin, Madison (2)
Yale University (4)