Class I Tries On Their New Tap Shoes

October 22, 2023

Tap dance comes to Nightingale! Currently being piloted in Class I, students have begun to learn the foundations of tap dancing and were recently sized for their own pair of tap shoes, provided by the performing arts department. On October 24, screams of glee could be heard throughout the Schoolhouse as Class I received their shiny black tap shoes and tried them on. Students click-clacked around the room before forming a line to run through a sequence of moves with dance teacher Bria Tyner.

“Tap dance offers a unique blend of rhythmic movement and self-expression that can captivate young minds,” Dance teacher Ms. Tyner explained. “It encourages them to explore the world of sound and movement in a fun and engaging way. Moreover, tap dance fosters creativity, builds confidence, and promotes a sense of community as students learn together. Overall, this early exposure to tap dance not only instills a love for the art form but also contributes to the holistic development of young learners.”