Exploring the New York Botanical Gardens

October 23, 2023

Class II journeyed north to the New York Botanical Garden and had the chance to walk through the Thain Forest—a thousands of years old forest and was an important Native American trail. In the forest, students searched for natural resources such as plants, water and animals that were historically abundant here in NYC and on which Native Americans flourished. Throughout their exploration, students made close observations of the forest floor and some had a chance to do leaf rubbings as well.

“Through this program, we're hoping our students will fall in love with NYC's nature and feel a connection to, and empathy for, the Native Americans who thrived here prior to colonization,” Visual Education Coordinator Gabriella Kula said.

The following day, students engaged in an artistic reflection on the day by painting "woodland watercolors." On a paper, students sketched what they had seen the day before and added watercolors to their designs.