CLASS IV Changemaker Song and Film

June 5, 2020

Class IV usually culminates their year with a fair to celebrate their research and hard work. This past spring would have brought Class IV's first ever Changemaker Fair. However, it instead brought the first ever Changemaker Minumentary Film Festival. With the support of Ms. Westman the girls researched a changemaker. They crafted research papers, and with Mr. Rosen's support created mini documentaries that you can view here. They also composed a powerful original song with Ms. Alexander which you can watch here.

In her remarks about the song, Ms. Alexander writes, "In this current moment, Nightingale students and faculty are especially mindful of changemaker work in the form of racial justice activism here in New York City and around the world. As Mr. Burke shared in his remarks to our community earlier this week, everyone at Nightingale must be in the fight to end racism. I hope you feel as inspired as I do by our students’ commitment to standing up for change, right now."