Class IV Stories and Tales

SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

Over the summer, Class IV enjoyed the book When You Trap a Tiger by Tae Keller, which explores family stories and folktales. Digging a little deeper into the art of storytelling, students were asked to choose a favorite story from their family, childhood, or culture and to find a creative way to showcase it.

During the first week of school, Class IV held a gallery walk in their homeroom to view their fellow classmates’ unique creations. For Class IV teacher Ms. Oshins, this project helps to “start the year off by grounding our classroom as a place where we listen to each other's stories, read each other's writing, and respect the things that matter to each other.” She continued, “I was so proud to read everything from folktales to fairy tales to retellings of old family lore. We got tales of how grandparents immigrated to America, and we got diorama versions of favorite graphic novels. Paper dolls, posters, picture books, movies, and everything in between! Seeing all the ways that our students interpreted the instructions and then brought them to life set the tone for our year—creative, curious, and inclusive.”