Class VII French Students Visit the Brooklyn Museum

October 25, 2023

Class VII French students recently traveled to the Brooklyn Museum, where they visited the Africa Fashion exhibit. An extension of their classroom coursework relating to our shopping, clothing, and fashion unit, students were tasked with completing a treasure hunt whilst learning about traditional clothing within the Francophone world.

“We did a scavenger hunt and had to look for the date when the certain countries gained independence and then translate it in French,” Vivian N. ’29 explained. “During the field trip I really enjoyed learning about what some colors represent in flags. For example green often represents land in many flags. In French class we have been learning about clothing and when we went to the museum we got to learn about what materials people use to make the clothing. My favorite thing we did there was getting to see some designs of tunics/le boubou and le kaftan. They were pretty and they aren't common clothes I see every day and it was very cool to see them."