Home Sweet Nightingale

SEPTEMBER 28, 2021

From dancing on 92nd Street to securing wins on the volleyball court and the soccer field for Nightingale, students were thrilled to celebrate homecoming this year. Nightingale families, alumnae, and members of the professional community were also excited to be celebrating, not only homecoming, but also being able to support the athletic teams in person. Complete with two days of fun-filled festivities, Home Sweet Nightingale was the best way to ring in the new school year.

On the morning of Friday, September 17, the Athletic Board hosted the homecoming pep rally on 92nd Street for Upper School students. During the rally, students decorated the street in chalk, played games, and danced to music playing over the loudspeaker.

“One of my favorite highlights for Homecoming this year was the US pep rally. It was so great to see our US out on the street hanging out with each other, throwing a football around, participating in some double dutch, having a high school dance party,” Director of Athletics Mandy Cecil said. “It really was a great way to kick off the event.”

That afternoon, Nightingale’s JV Volleyball team went up against The Hewitt School Hawks in the Sue Tofel ’48 Gymnasium, ending in a 2-0 win. Following the JV game, Nightingale’s Varsity Volleyball team also played against the Hewitt Hawks, securing a 3-0 win. The Nightingale Tennis team recorded a strong effort in their afternoon match, but were ultimately edged out in a 3-2 loss.

Kicking off Saturday morning with fun field day activities on the iconic fields of Central Park, Lower School students engaged in games like Ball in the Bucket, jump rope, Dragon Tails, and also learned soccer skills with Mr. Wangdu.

“It was so fulfilling and fitting to host homecoming at Central Park this year: a signature Nightingale event at a quintessential New York venue, steps away from Nightingale. The field was spacious and really allowed us to showcase everything about our school that we wanted to so beautifully,” President of the Parents Association Piyali Kothari P’24, said. “But the most fulfilling part for us was to see the thrill and excitement on the girls' faces that morning!”

Right before the Varsity Soccer team started warming up for their game, a hawk glided over the field and landed just a few yards away from the sidelines. It was a special moment for the Nightingale community, and a gesture of luck from our School’s mascot.

Soccer captain Mikayla K. ’22, said one of her favorite moments from the game was when the Nighthawks scored their first goal against the Hewitt Hawks.

“Getting the first goal sparked a lot of excitement within the team and was the confirmation we needed that we could win the game,” Mikayla remarked. “It was really satisfying to see our hard work pay off with a goal, and it was a very happy moment for everyone.”

Concluding the event with a proud, 5-3 win at Central Park’s North Meadow, Mikayla added that it was encouraging to have the entire Nightingale community—friends, family, advisors, and teachers—at the game, supporting the team.

“I think the crowd pushed us all to really want to win the game,” she said.

Willa G. ’23, also a captain for Nightingale’s Varsity Soccer team, echoed Mikayla’s words and shared that it was particularly encouraging to see the Lower School students cheering from the sidelines.

“This year, the Nightingale community has never felt closer and I'm thrilled to be a part of such a welcoming environment.”