Introducing the Food Recovery Task Force

MARCH 13, 2024

Founded in December by community engagement board co-representatives Sophia S. ’25 and Eleanor K. ’25, the Nightingale food recovery task force is a student-led organization that aims to combat food insecurity in our community. Just before winter break, the task force hosted its first event where students packaged foods to be delivered to a Grassroots Grocery community fridge.

“The task force’s goal is twofold; our first goal is to help redistribute food waste from the Nightingale cafeteria to the community fridge on 92nd and 1st Avenue,” Sophia said. “New York City wastes 3.9 million tons of food each year, and 20% of this waste comes from restaurants and school cafeterias. Our second goal is to address food insecurity in our immediate neighborhood. People are struggling daily with food insecurity in our community, and we can help.”