Kindergarten Valentines Day

FEBRUARY 15, 2024

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Kindergarten students met up with their Class IV buddies to learn how to sew handmade felt pouches that would be used on February 14 to collect their Valentine’s Day missives from classmates. Several days were allotted for the project and the Class IV students were eager mentors as they oversaw their younger counterparts practicing their fine motor skills in measuring, cutting, and sewing.

On the big day, Kindergarten students played in the auditorium while their teachers transformed their homerooms into a Valentine’s Day extravaganza. When they returned to the fourth floor, their desks had been arranged into one long table with every student’s name written in front of their chair with their pouch ready to be filled. With a special playlist made by the teachers playing, it was time to hand out the Valentine’s Day cards. Students whizzed around the room pulling a card from their stash, identifying the first letter of the name written on the outside, making their way to that section of the table/alphabet, and then making sure that all of the letters written on the card matched those on the table. Success! Into the pouches the cards went until they were all stuffed to the brim.

Following the card exchange, students enjoyed Valentine’s Day-themed cupcakes for snack and opened one card at school. Kindergarteners then saved the rest to open at home.

Click here to watch a video of the morning.