Lower School Opening Assembly

OCTOBER 07, 2022

On the Monday morning after Homecoming weekend, Lower School students gathered excitedly in the auditorium for their first assembly of the year. As is tradition in the Lower School, the students began the assembly with a song led by Ms. Alexander and Ms. Spiridellis. Head of Lower School Dr. Urciuoli then welcomed the newest Nighthawks to their first assembly: Nightingale’s new Kindergarteners and 15 new Lower School students.

For the new Nighthawks, Dr. Urciuoli explained what to expect during assemblies and how often they are held. Following her introduction, Director of Safety and Security Mr. Savoia shared a few fire drill reminders with Lower School, encouraging them to pay special attention to their teacher during drills. To acknowledge his speech, Lower School students gave him a thumbs up. For the final morning announcement, Dr. Uriuoli urged students to greet each other when passing one another in the hall and asked them why they think it is important. After a few student responses, she explained: “It’s important to see people and know that people are seeing you.”

Dr. Urciuoli then shared the Lower School theme for this year: “What’s your why?”

Bea P. ’31, Eli S.P. ’31, and Stella C. ’31 made their way on stage to introduce the new Lower School ProCom members. Ms. Allison, Ms. Collins, Ms. Field, Mr. Mickey, Ms. Mayer, and Ms. Peck introduced themselves to the community and shared their favorite food, favorite color, what they do in their free time, and what their “why” is.

Ms. Collins shared her “why,” which was that “children inspire me to question what we do and why we do it.”