Middle and Upper School Strings Concert

JANUARY 18, 2024

After weeks of practice, Middle and Upper School students had the opportunity to share their work with their families at the Winter Strings Concert. To kick off the evening, Class V students performed the D Major Scale, “Hot Cross Buns,” and a crowd favorite, “Shake it Off.” Class VI strings performed “Banana Boat Song” as well as “Agua d’Eau”—an original piece created by their class. Together, Class V/VI musicians played “Clouds” and “Legends of Glory” before dipping backstage to pick up heart shaped sunglasses—a necessary prop for their next song, “I’m Just Ken” from Barbie. Class VII strings performed Lana del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful” followed by the familiar tune of “Nutcracker Suite.” The entire Middle School ensemble then gathered onstage to perform “Fantasy on Aloha ‘Oe” and “It’s All Right.” Upper School ensemble then gathered onstage to perform “Scarborough Fair” and “Freedom.” To conclude the event, every Middle and Upper School strings player stood onstage or in the balcony to perform “D Major Jam.”