Middle School Debate Rocks Tournament

December 1, 2023

Congratulations to Nightingale’s Middle School Debate team! Nightingale recently hosted the November ESU New York Debate League Tournament. 23 schools presented 58 teams (163 individual competitors) to intellectually duke it out. We're delighted to share that our debate students competed in all four rounds throughout the daylong event and won 10 awards! Notably, for 15 out of our 21 debaters, tournament was their first time in competition.

School Awards
3rd Place School Award (overall rank)
3rd Place Tournament Award (total wins)

Individual Awards (points scored for execution)
1st Place Varsity Speaker and recipient of the gavel: Alex Rothman
7th Place Novice Speaker: Katerina B. ’29
8th Place Novice Speaker: Rayann C. ’28
9th Place Novice Speaker: Aayushi G. ’28
11th Place Varsity Speaker: Chloe A. ’28

Team Awards (students debate in two or three-person teams)
Third Place Novice Team: Aayushi G. ’28, Rayann C. ’28, & Valentina J. ’28
Forth Place Novice Team: Margot S. ’29, Gianina L. ’29 and Harper C. ’29
First Place Varsity Team: Cate B. ’28, Sarah Y. ’28, and Alex R. ’28