Middle School Opening Assembly

SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

The first Middle School assembly of the year was filled with an abundance of energy and excitement in the way that only 228 Middle School students are able to bring.

Head of Middle School Ms. Goodwin kicked off the assembly with an official welcome to get the year started. This included a hearty round of applause for all of our new students in the Middle School! Then Ms. Goodwin asked our students to think about a moment from the summer that they feel grateful for and brought them joy. Once the year is underway and students are managing homework, assessments, sports, and other school after-school activities, it’s easy to get swept up in the busyness of life and lose sight of those smaller moments that make us smile, she explained. Retaining those happy memories and taking the time to make new ones is an essential part of living a fulfilled life and she encouraged all of our students to be sure to take the time to do both. Students also had the opportunity to share their summer moments of joy with their neighbor.

New professional community members also introduced themselves, along with our four class deans who shared what they were excited about for the upcoming year. Following their lead, students shared what they were excited about in the year ahead with their fellow classmates and a handful eagerly shared their hopes with the whole division.

To conclude, students were asked to consider how the new year presents a chance to grow, try new things, and even make mistakes. From there, all students were encouraged to think about what they wanted to try and then committed to setting a personal goal for the year by writing it down on a piece of paper completing the statement, “This year I will…” The responses will soon be shared on a bulletin board on the sixth floor for all to be inspired by in the coming months. Here’s to a joyful year in the Middle School!