Nightingale Runs 26.2

November 30, 2023

On Sunday, November 5, New York City celebrated what is often considered to be one of the best days to be a New Yorker: the New York City Marathon. Since 2017, Team Nightingale—a charity team with New York Road Runners—has been a proud participant in running the 26.2 miles across all of NYC’s five boroughs. All proceeds raised by Team Nightingale go directly to our sister school, Anpo Wicahpi, The Pine Ridge Girls School in South Dakota. As stated in their mission, The Pine Ridge Girls’ School "radically changes the trajectory of Lakota girls’ lives by equipping them with vital foundations for new and promising futures full of choice and opportunity." It is the first all-girls, independent school on a reservation in the United States and relies on a national donor base for its funding. Our ongoing partnership was strengthened when a group of Nightingale students visited the school in March 2018, in 2019, and we welcomed the Lakota students of Anpo Wicahpi at Nightingale as well.

This year, our Team Nightingale runners raised $29,376, which brings our total amount raised for Anpo Wicahpi to over $215,000. Congratulations to our runners listed below and to all of our Nightingale community members who completed this year’s marathon!

Team Nightingale Kate Bernadoni - faculty
Robert Blaustein P'35
Michael Goede - faculty
Jock Goodrich P'35
Kat Hickey - faculty
Brad Kane P'32
Lucille Ley '23
Henry Ley - brother of Lucille
Vanessa Lindley P'27 P'29 P'30
Arthur Romeo P'35
Mark Schwartz P'33 P'35

Additional Nightingale Community Members Who Completed the 2023 NYC Marathon
Daniel Hedaya P'33 P'35
Lei Huang P'25 (Team Nightingale alum)
Jimmy Lin P'25 (Team Nightingale alum)
Brad Loe P'26 (Team Nightingale alum)