On to 2022!

SEPTEMBER 16, 2022

While the clouds and rain threatened to dampen the energy of their first day of school, our Nighthawks arrived at 92nd Street with smiles and excitement, ready to take on the school year ahead. Each student greeted Head of School Paul A. Burke with either a handshake, nod, or fist bump while passing through the blue doors. As they walked in, students’ eyes glided along the new vestibule wall that proudly reads “At Nightingale, you can be whoever you want to be.” Just before passing the lobby entry doors, students also noticed a familiar phrase, challenging them for the days ahead: “Be Heard.”

After checking in, Lower School students journeyed to the fourth floor, Middle School students to the sixth floor, and Upper School students to the third floor—one Schoolhouse, full once again.

Here’s to 2022-2023!