Skinventurez with Dr. Lazic P’32

October 23, 2023

Nightingale recently welcomed dermatologist, author, and Class IV parent Dr. Tamara Lazic Strugar P'32 to Lower School assembly to share her journey of writing a graphic novel with her family about skin and sun protection, based in New York City. A long time dream of hers, Dr. Lazic shared that the decision came to write the novel in August of 2022 with her family, and the first installment of the Skinventurez series: The Sunscreaming Summer was recently published in August of 2023. Dr. Lazic explained that once the story was written, she connected with a global team of women to help produce the book: an illustrator, book designer, book editor, and marketer.

With her daughter helping throughout the presentation, Dr. Lazic shared some facts about skin and the importance of protecting one’s skin from the sun, along with a few tips when applying sunscreen. Dr. Lazic also explained her primary motivations for writing the book: to educate and entertain children and create a legacy to her family.

“What I always think to myself, and tell to my kids, and would like to suggest to you now, is think big, dream big—but start small, and no matter how daunting the task seems, or how complicated it seems, just break it down into steps, and just take it one step at a time.”